Senior Couple Representing How Medical Monitoring Works

Hear and Be Heard

In an emergency situation, the performance of your medical alert’s speaker and microphone can mean the difference between life and death. Rescue Alert engineers have designed a microphone/speaker pair that targets the best technology for increasing voice range and sound clarity.

During an emergency, Rescue Alert’s medical alarm uses its simplex communication mode, which greatly increases the coverage and range of clear communication. In fact, the simplex method used by Rescue Alert’s medical alarm makes the system up to two times more sensitive than other personal medical alert systems!

The microphone in the Rescue Alert medical alarm is so sensitive it can pick up voices around corners and in other rooms of the house. Wherever the subscriber may be when an accident occurs, pressing their medical bracelet will connect them to help immediately. The speaker volume can be increased 83 times, which makes our products ideal for use as a senior alarm.