Senior Couple Representing How Medical Monitoring Works

Bells and Whistles

Rescue Alert provides outstanding medical monitoring service to each and every subscriber. Our friendly staff and state-of-the-art technology are what set us apart from other emergency alert system companies. Our medic alert systems guarantee immediate contact with qualified attendants, but subscribers can still enjoy an independent lifestyle when they use our comfortable and discreet medical bracelets. Our medical alarm systems include a long list of services and special features, many of which can be found nowhere else:

Standard Features

Optional Features

Panic Button Range Typically 600 Feet or More! Domestic Violence Monitoring
Two-Way Voice Communication Personalized RA Minders
Longest Battery Backup – over 90 hours! Language Interpretation Services
Most Powerful Microphone & Speaker! Automatic Welfare Check
EMD Certified Attendants! AC Power Failure Detection & Reporting
Friendly Scheduled Testing VoIP and Cable Compatibility
Low Battery Detection & Reporting
Automatic Testing