Medical Alerts

Personal Medical Alarm Systems & Base Units

Rely on the Latest Medical Alert System in an Emergency

Designed to be compatible with traditional phone systems and VoIP and cable telephone connections, Rescue Medical Alert systems are engineered to be functional and reliable so they work when you need them most. Our panic buttons have a 600ft range, and the backup battery can last 60+ hours for the RA400 unit and 90+ hours on the MXD unit. Our base units even perform self diagnostic tests to make sure the system is working properly at all times. Click the links above to learn more about our top of the line personal medical alert system base units.

The base unit is the central component of your medical alert system, and it is your lifeline to qualified professional assistance in an emergency. It is designed to provide two-way voice communication between your home and the Rescue Alert Response Center so you can contact trained professional at any time of the day or night. Our personal emergency alert system is designed specifically for medical emergency monitoring, and our staff at the Response Center is trained from the start to provide the fast, reliable help and comforting reassurance along the way.

Personal Medical Alert Systems Customized for Your Needs

The MXD is our premium model base unit, designed with the latest technology to ensure immediate contact with qualified attendants in an emergency. The two-way voice communication system alerts our Response Center, but it’s our qualified attendants who alert assistance quickly and stay on the line to offer calming reassurance as medical professionals and loved ones hurry to your home.

Reliable Medical Emergency Alarm Monitoring

Our high-quality equipment and dedicated service team make it easier for you to maintain your independence and have immediate access to help in case of emergency.

The Rescue Alert systems are easy to use and provide real peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Our system was created specifically for medical emergency monitoring, unlike more generic options on the market, and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Below is a comparison of our two premier medical alert systems so you can choose the option that best fits your needs.

Product Comparisons RA400 MXD
Compatible with regular telephone connection YES YES
Compatible with VoIP and Cable telephone connections NO YES
Panic button range 600 ft 600 ft
Backup Battery Life 90 hours 60+ hours
Compatible with DSL Yes, with filter Yes, with filter
Automatic monthly testing Yes Yes
Automatic weekly test No Yes
Voice messages and prompts No Yes