Consumer Alert

Senior Couple Representing How Medical Monitoring Works

Beware of Telemarketing Fraud

Rescue Alert has recently learned that many seniors across the country are being targeted and falling victim to illegal and/or fraudulent telemarketing practices including “robo-calls” (a computerized auto-dialer that delivers a recorded message) that may lead to the following:

  • Misleading the customer to believe that they must update their alert Units
  • Falsely portraying themselves as Rescue Alert customer service representatives
  • Pressuring customers to alter their service agreements

Rescue Alert has nearly a thirty-year history in the medical alert industry, and is one of the pioneers in the offering and development of medical alarms.  We have helped save thousands of lives.  We value and treat every customer like we would our own family member.  It is for this reason and many others that we are taking a stand against deceptive business practices such as these in our industry.

Along with other industry leaders, Rescue Alert is actively investigating this issue, and will contact consumer protection organizations to report all deceptive activity.

If you or a loved one receives such a telephone call, please consider the following:

  • DO NOT provide credit card or bank information
  • Request contact information and identification from the caller
  • Hang up and call Rescue Alert at 1-800-688-9576 to report their caller ID or contact information