Dependable Medical Alert System Technology at Work

The RA400 Medical Alert System is the MXD’s predecessor
that entered the market in 2000. This reliable RA400 model
continues saving lives today. The sleek and attractive medical
alert was designed by Rescue Alert engineers with your protection and comfort in mind and is the heart of your medical alert system. Because sound quality and clear communication are extremely important for alert systems that aid senior monitoring, Rescue Alert offers an extremely powerful microphone and speaker that flawlessly connects your home with our Response Centers. Such noteworthy features of the RA400 have proven so beneficial they set the
standards for all new Rescue Alert models.


  • As Low as $21.95/Month
  • Free Shipping 
  • No Activation Fee. No Installation Fee
  • Automatic Testing Every 25-30 Days
  • 30-Day Risk Free Guarantee


As the RA400 and the Rescue Alert Response Center work together, they create the dependable Rescue Alert service that customers expect. The RA400 has been engineered specifically for medical emergency monitoring. Rescue Alert designs and builds equipment uniquely for the personal emergency alert system and does not rely on the converted burglar alarm equipment used by many other companies.

The RA400 Medical Alert is more than just a microphone and speaker. The computer inside the unit is able to perform self diagnostics – monitoring its own battery, the battery of the panic button, and the status of the telephone line. The medical alert automatically tests itself and reports its status to the Response Center. The RA400 is easily configured to monitor a medication dispenser in your home. These amazing capabilities and more are what make the Rescue Alert Medical Alert System superior to our competitors.


Product Comparisons RA400 MXD
Compatible with regular telephone connection YES YES
Compatible with VoIP and Cable telephone connections NO YES
Panic button range 600 ft 600 ft
Backup Battery Life 90 hours 60+ hours
Compatible with DSL Yes, with filter Yes, with filter
Automatic monthly testing Yes Yes
Automatic weekly test No Yes
Voice messages and prompts No Yes

Download RA400 user manual