About Rescue Alert and Medical Monitoring Systems

Senior Couple Representing How Medical Monitoring Works

The success of Rescue Alert personal emergency response systems has been complimented by the service provided by our staff. The heart and soul of the Rescue Alert operations is, without question, the Emergency Response Center. Intense effort is expended in recruiting staff who exhibit exceptional public consciousness, multi-tasking, and problem solving skills, along with many other attributes. The staff is then placed in a highly focused 100 hour training program. Strict supervision fine tunes the training for an additional 80 hours before any staff sits independently at a console to process an alarm. Rescue Alert’s highly trained staff, and custom designed engineering has allowed for our unprecedented capability to process each and every alarm that comes into the Response Center.

Today Rescue Alert continues to grow and develop in serving the expanding needs of the emergency communication market (see map). As a result, Rescue Alert provides the most comprehensive and advanced medical alert system available on the market today. Functional design, ease of use, value added features and services, and an intense focus on the needs of the users continue to contribute to the success of Rescue Alert today. Rescue Alert has been in business as a medical alert company for over 25 years, and its founders have been serving the needs of the emergency communications community for over 31 years.